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Top 10-1 #Best Movie #blogoscars

Aaand we're back live from blogspot arena, the last 10 movies are about to enter, fans are super excited here, screaming and cheering for their fave movies, so let the party begin, i am Juliana Rasnick and you're watching E! Live from the red carpet..

10. Magic Mike
-J: Oh my god, it's getting hot in here, Magic Mike and his girl are right next to me and they are damn hot, hello, welcome to this amazing night,
-M.M: Yo,hello Juliana,we're so glad to be here,
-J: I can see that,or else there's something in your pants trying to escape,ha ha ha
-M.M: Ha ha ha, no it's ok, i have eyes only for my girl tonight,
-J: Lol, so i wanna ask you two things who are you and your girl wearing tonight and please, please tell me, what do you have to do for twenties?
-M.M: Honey, you don’t wanna know what I have to do for twenties,ha ha ha, but i can tell that i'm wearing Hardy Amies and my sexy girl Giorgio Armani Prive,
-J: Could we please have a closer look on your shoes, girl these are fabulous, who's their daddy?
-T.G: Oh yeah, i fell in love with them, Guiseppe Zanotti is their papa!
-J: Well i think you are the hottest couple here, thank you so much, have a great night, byee
-M.M,T.G: Byeee
09. Ruby Sparks
-J: Yeap it's time to meet Ruby Sparks in the flesh people,
-R.S: Oh, i get that a lot, you see people think i'm an imaginary girl, but no you guys look at me, i even wore a red dress so i wouldn't be unnoticed!Ha ha ha
-J: And i must say you chose wisely! Who are you wearing tonight? -R.S: Im wearing Monique Lhuillier,and the shoes are Sergio Rossi.  
-J: I love so much your mixed colours, great job! And what about you handsome?   
-T.B: Hello there, i'm wearing Gucci, 
-J: Well i think you both are so chic, thank you so much, have a great night, byee  
-R.S,T.B: Byeee

08. The perks of being a wallflower
-J: Is that David Bowie? Haa, i guess the perks have arrived, and their favourite tune is on, the crowd sings along we could be heroes, oh such an emotional moment.. yes they are here, helloooo, welcome
-(r.l.t): Oh gosh, we didn't expect that, (τσιρίζει στους φααανσ) thanx you guyz, we luv yaaa,  
-J: They are amazing, aren't they? Huh.. such as your mini dress, daaaarling, i have to say this looks so good on you, who are you wearing?  
-(r.l.t):Well it was a last minute idea to wear this one, it's Valentino Pre and these amazing shoes are Nicholas Kirkwood, -J:I'm sure you did the right thing choosing this one, and what about you, little hipster guy? Aren't you yu-mmy in this blue velvet tuxedo,
-r.l.t):Ha ha ha, i told you not to wear the glasses, ha ha ha
-The boy: Come on girls, they are so good on me, haha, well i chose to wear Tom Ford, i loved the colour and the bow,soo..
-J: Well i think u both are so chic, thank u so much, have a great night, byee  
-(r.l.t),T.B: Byeee

07. Seven psychopaths
-J:Oh la la, another sexy, and angry (?) couple has just arrived, hello you two, what's up? Why so angry?  
-S.P: Hello Juliana, it's just the sexy angry look we psychopaths have, you know (τραβάει το σκυλάκι από το λουρί, και κλείνει το μάτι στη Τζουλιάνα)  
-J: Aha, so am i supposed to be afraid of you? Lol, i'm actually afraid that this super sexy mini dress is more sexy than mine,haha, please tell me who're you wearing so i can tell my stylist to get me one of those!
-S.P:Ha ha ha, no of course not, i forgot my J cards back home, so i won't be doing any murder tonight, cool!ha ha ha
-T.G: Oh my love has a weird sense of humor, so this "killer" dress is by Alice Olivia and this pumps Charlotte Olympia,
-J: Noted!! Well, what about you, you sexy psycho?
-S.P: I'm sexy in Roberto Cavalli dear,  
-J: Well i think you both look gorgeous tonight, thank you so much, have a great night, byee  
-S.P,T.G: Byeee

06. The Avengers
-J: Well i don't know what to say about this movie, the best ever superhero movie with a killing look is right next to me, hello Avengers, we definetely feel more safe with you here tonight!
-Τ.Α: Good evening Juliana, you should, Jarvis is standby, Loki is in prison, Thor is on weather, so we don't have any problems with rain, ha ha ha, and me and my girl are here, so why not feel safe?
-J: Exactly! So tell me, who are you wearing? Ladies first!
-T.G: Oh, thank you, so i'm wearing Jenni Kayne and these classic Louboutin, and my fearless boy wears Tom Ford
-J: I must say you too are so good together, the colours, the simplicity in your dress, god, i just love the whole look,
-T.G: Ironman is not coming, don't kiss my ass Juliana, ha ha ha
-J: Oops, busted! Well thank you so much, have a great night, byee
-T.A,T.G: Byeee

05. Batman, The dark knight rises
-J: Oh a bat flying around, where did that come from? Oh you know what, i think i saw batmobile, yes i can see them, Batman is here,
-B: Hello Julian, you look lovely tonight,
-J: Thanks you Batman, well let me see this tuxedo, it is sooo good!Who's is it?

-B: My beautiful lady picked it up for me, and it's Roberto Cavalli,
-J: Wow, it's amazing on you, i'm sure your fans agree with me (ΠΑΝΙΚΟΣ ΧΑΛΑΖΜΟΣ ΣΤΗ ΛΑΟΘΑΛΑΣΣΑ)
-T.G:(meow)I know exactly what looks good on him, ME!(meow)
-J:The claws came out, wow! Tell me about your look tonight, who're you wearing?
-T.G: I'm wearing Stephane Rolland, and my shoes are Christina Louboutin,
-J: You are so chic, and the jewellery, wow, i mean, they are gorgeous, well thank you guys, have a great night,byee
-B,T.G: Byeee

04. Wreck it Ralph
-J: Aww you guys, Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope are here, the place is full of candies, well hello there, what a pretty pink dress is this?
-W.I.R: Hello Juliana, so nice to meet you, yeah we brought some candies for the fans,
-J: You are so damn cute, please tell me who're are wearing?

-V: Well i thought as a queen i should wear something big and fluffy, so i chose this Christian Dior, and these colorful accessories,
-J: Love your yellow shoes, what are they?
-V: Louboutin of course!
-J: Oh Christian, fits perfectly with your dress, so what about you Ralph?
-W.I.R: Vanellope insisted on wearing a tuxedo, so tadaa.. Valentino it is!
-J: You are absolutely fantastic tonight, and congrats, you are on the top 5 movies, yay,have a great time,byeee 
-W.I.R,V: Byeee
03. Pitch Perfect
-J: Please make some room, we have the Barden Bellas here with us! All of you are so beautiful, well where do i begin? Becca could you help me and tell me who're you all wearing?
-P.P: Of course, hi everyone, we're the Barden Bellas, so i'm wearing Giambatista Valli Haute Couture,and the shoes are Nicholas Kirkwood,
-J:LOVE THE DRESS!! Wow, continue,

-P.P: Gee, thanks, Aubrey is wearing Carolina Herrera, and the shoes are Oscar de la renta, Chloe is wearing Atelier Versace and the shoes are Louboutin, huh, she loves those
-J: Of course she does, they are so beautiful,
-P.P: Well let's see,Lilly is wearing this amazing Victor Rolf and her shoes are Gianvito Rossi, Fat Amy is looking hot in this Gucci Pre, with shoes by Saint Laurent
-J: Oh honey, you are fabulous, and you are also the winner of best supporting actress, you go girl!
-F.A: I owe everything to mermaid dance and vertical running!
-P.P: Indeed, well Cynthia Rose is wearing Oscar de la Renta and her shoes are Louboutin too, and last but not least our sexy lady over here, Stacie is wearing Elie Saab and the shoes are Brian Atwood
-J: Well ladies you're aca-awesome tonight, loved all your looks,and accessories, well done, have a great time, byee
-P.P: Byeee (συγχρονιζμένα)

02. Beasts of the southern wild
-J: We're so close to the end of this amazing night, i know you're all tired but please stand up for our younger member of Blogoscars 2013, wow girl you look like an angel in this dress,welcome
-(r.l.t): Thank you, i'm so happy i'm here tonight, it's like a fairy tale, all of this, and you look so beautiful too Juliana,
-J: Aww, you sweet girl, if my son was older i would definetely want you for his girlfriend, so tell me who're you wearing tonigh?
-(r.l.t): I'm wearing Nicholas Oakwell and my shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti,
-J: Like i said, you're like an angel on earth, honey well done, have a great time tonight, and after the ceremony straight to bed, hahaha, byee
-(r.l.t): ba byeeez

01. Life of pi 
J:The time has come
OF 2012
Αnd yes they are here with us,( πυροτεχνήματα, φφφφσττσιφ τσαφ μπουμ μπαμ),this unbelievable story about how a boy survived on a boat in the middle of nowhere with a tiger won! (Λαοθάλασσα παραληρεί, Ρίτσαρντ Πάρκερ γλείφει πατούσα είναι λίγο σταρχίδια του) oh my god tell me, did you see that coming?
-Pi: (indian accent) Oh sweet mother of God, no,i mean when we made the movie we wanted to win, of course, but now, it is crazy, even more crazy than i survived with Richard Parker in the boat,i wanna tenk ma matha, ma fatha, richard parker for not eating me, and you people who saw the movie and cried your ass off when Richard Parker left me, tenk you, tenk you
-J: Wow, just wow (clapping) im so gonna cry, but before i do that, i have to know who are you wearing, the fashionistas have gone insane with your girl's look,
-Pi: She doesn't speak English, so i tell you, she is wearing Giambattista Valli, and the shoes are Dsquared2,
-J: And you, i love the colour of your tuxedo!
-Pi: Oh yes, me too!Is by Richard James.
-J: Well Pi, congrats, you deserve the 1st place! Goodnight, and god, keep away from the sea, lol
-Pi: Bye Juliana, thank you, i'll try!ha ha ha

So people that was it!
The 3rd Blogoscars are over!
Thanks so much for watching, see you next year..
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